quiet spring at hayfield

Barefoot in the cool grass, surrounded by lush fields and rolling hills. This photo beautiful captures that overwhelming and refreshing sense of peace, quiet, and escape you feel when you set foot on Hayfield's beautiful property in the Catskills.  


The road to Hayfield takes you up the winding, mountainous roads of the Catskills. You can feel the temperature dip and see the slight lag in spring season; wildflowers that have already come and gone in the valley were still just starting to appear. I wanted the ceremony design to capture that delicate, natural, spring look that I saw around me. I aimed to create something that felt humble and relaxed, as if it was a part of the landscape. The installation was composed of grasses and delicate, fluttering flowers to capture that ephemeral meadow aesthetic. And those magnificent apple trees, well, they're almost all the backdrop you need.


The florals for the bridal bouquet and table arrangements, as focal points, were a bit more grandiose. The clematis flowers and the white, fairy-like wildflowers I foraged lended the playful movement the pieces needed. 


Venue: Hayfield

Stylist: Emma Natter

Photgraphy: D'arcy Benicosa

Hair & Make-up: Danielle Boyer

Paper: Flourish Paper Co.

Ring: Erstwhile

Gowns: Alexandra Grecco

Styling boards & props: Pilgrim & Co

Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

models: Polina Putilova & Alexandre St-Cyr