For once in a long time, I feel rooted here, I can call this my home. There is a sense of community here, a little bubble in this large, large city. The neighbors look out for each other, and it heartens me that people in this city can still be so giving. We share beers over the our backyard fences. We try and keep our sidewalks clean. The retired people here keep and eye on the street and it's people. They notice when there's an abandoned car on the block, they know who's just been to the hospital, they remind those who sleep in, that it's street cleaning and they have to move the car (yes, i've been guilty of that). This is a little homage to the block. 


11216 is a collaboration with photographer, Bryan Anton, a fashion documentary photographer and true artist. I wish I could be him for a day, just to see the world through his eyes. I think it would be a trip. It would be a blast. It would be sensory overload.  He's the kind of person, I think, that sees art and beauty in every nook an cranny. He's the kind of person, I imagine, that forgets about time. 


Photos: Bryan Anton
Location: Monroe Street, Brooklyn, NY
Featured Florals: foraged, Queens County Farm Museum, NYC Flower Market